OTT or TWITCH Platforms?

The new wave of OTT platforms which is worrying companies like Twitch. 

Can you imagine a situation where Real Madrid keeps 50% of their players’ salary for allowing them to use their facilities? Well, this is the reality which content creators and streamers live with on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. Meanwhile, the growing wave of proprietary OTT platforms is threatening this digital ecosystem. 

In recent years we have seen how, both here in Spain and across the rest of the world, a new way of entertaining and communicating has appeared out of nowhere using a whole range of these streaming platforms. 

”During 2020, the number of active channels on Twitch has reached over nine million” 

In fact it was precisely in 2020 when these digital spaces and OTT services experienced their greatest degree of expansion in the face of a hitherto unseen demand for digital entertainment. 


Despite this exponential growth, both Twitch and other video portals could have reasons to be concerned.  Until now, all content creators have had to live, and in some cases barely survive, with the policies and rules which these platforms impose. A situation which tends to worsen the user’s experience, both for the creators themselves and for the audience. 

We are talking about copyright laws and the policies and guidelines which in many cases operate efficiently with compelling arguments for closing down channels or, in the case of Youtube, receiving strikes, but unfortunately, in many other instances this is not the case. 

This is precisely where OTT platform developers come into play, offering a fast and effective solution for the management, transmission, monetization and distribution of all the content that you or your company generates. Your product, your standards, it really is that simple. 

In this way we not only simplify the connection between your content and your audience, but we also provide the stability and economic security which streamers and content creators require. 


It’s only a matter of time before all these content creators and streamers become aware that Youtube, Twitch and Facebook are retaining half the fruit of their labours month after month, and once they run out of patience the most logical answer is to move on to the next level and create their own OTT platform.  

A place that brings together the best of Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and Ivoox and can be managed, organized and monetized by the creator themselves. A platform where only they can ”ban themselves”, where they have total freedom to create, organize and rank their content without any other company keeping half of the benefits of their effort and work. 

Here at YUV TV we firmly believe that the greatest power of the Internet is freedom, a home where we are all equal and have the same opportunities. If platforms like Twitch or Youtube continue to follow this path of abusive policies, people will have no choice but to “expel them from the house”. 

For now they’ve “been nominated” 

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