Many people are already well aware of the benefits that digital platforms bring us in terms of offering audio-visual content to our audience, either via streaming  or in VOD format. However, fewer companies are aware of one of the many other facets of  OTT platforms , having your own digital platform exclusively oriented to internal communication. 

Internal communication using Streaming or VOD? 

An internal communication plan which enjoys the benefits  of OTT technology opens up a range of possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t be available. We are talking for example  about official statements by the CEO of the company, workshops and training courses for employees, talks and work integration activities, among other facilities offered by having your own Over-The-Top platform. 

Below, we cite some of the key reasons why your company should not delay when it comes to getting on board with digital transformation. 

Unlimited internal communication 

It offers your employees all your content in real time, regardless of where they are, whilst in addition, its subtitling technology means that language is not any kind of impediment. 

Optimizing your time and money 

We are sure that many of you will be used to offering talks or training courses for your companies which involve various logistical complications: pre-production, preparing the space where the event will be held and interacting with the speaker as well as bringing together the attending employees, all of which requires time and effort. With your internal communication platform your employees will be able to connect from anywhere and view the activity live or in VOD format once it is finished. 

Edutainment: an attractive way of training your employees 

The “edutainment” concept has been applied for more than 50 years, but now, with the arrival of the digital age, it is reinventing itself and new possibilities are being introduced to learn in an even more entertaining way. Videos can play a vital role in training programmes and internal communication strategies, since they provide a much simpler and more attractive way to get information to your staff. 

More than a business, a community 

Another clear benefit of these platforms is the boost they can give to your Employer Branding, generating a sense of community thanks to the interactivity offered by the technology. Staff can all gather in front of a screen to share ideas or sensations after a talk or presentation and chat interactively during live broadcasts.  It also gives employees themselves the opportunity to generate more interesting content for the platform, and therefore for your company. 

All these factors contribute to increasing the sensation of being part of your company, a very important factor when it comes to boosting the commitment and, at the same time, the productivity of your workers. 

Are you ready to make the leap into the online world? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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