Streaming platforms like YUV TV or video portals such as Youtube. Which are the best?

Youtube Vs YUV TV

There’s no doubt that nowadays videos are the most effective way of creating loyal new customers for your brand, and with the continuous growth in demand for video streaming, it’s fundamental to offer the public audiovisual content. But what’s the best way for you to manage all this material? We’re offering the solution – streaming platforms.

When a company starts to generate a significant amount of audiovisual content, whether in video or audio formats, questions such as the following begin to arise: is it better to store it in video portals such as Youtube or are streaming platforms a more effective option?  

If you’ve been told that there is little or no difference between the two platforms we seriously recommend that you read this post, because there seems to be an important lack of awareness about the advantages and disadvantages of the two options.  


Platforms are ideal for businesses who are actively interested in boosting their brand awareness, offering, as they do, the opportunity to personalise corporative artwork and include logos etc.  This allows you to enhance branding.

By integrating your videos on streaming platforms such as YUV TV, you can publish your content on social networks with just a single click.

In this sense, we’d like to underline the benefits of working with this kind of personalized streaming platform, particularly since all the users from the above mentioned social networks will be automatically re-directed to your website.

YUV TV also offers streaming platforms which have their own apps for mobile devices, thereby making content visible in any place and at any time.  

Lastly, it’s important to underline the significance of analysis in terms of making future decisions. Youtube doesn’t offer this possibility.  Therefore if you want to monetize your content and extend its useful life it’s fundamental to be able to analyze the behaviour of your users, know which videos are most popular, which days there are more visualizations, the gender and age of viewers, where they live…and a long etc. This is all vital information when it comes to working out a marketing strategy.


Human beings need to feel safe to be more efficient and resourceful in their day to day life, and businesses are no different. As such, it’s fundamental that their content is securely protected.  

Streaming platforms have anti-copying methods such as domain name blocking and pin protection systems, better known as security token or playback authorisation options, DRM, Media Encoding and Geoblocking.

It’s important to point out that once content is published in portals such as Youtube, rights over videos are immediately lost, since they instantly become the property of the portal itself and the provider of the material loses all control. As such, your content can be copied by other companies and perhaps used in a way which is not how you would like it to be portrayed. Furthermore, you lose any possibility of monetizing your content or extending its useful life, thereby preventing it being used for other purposes which might have been of interest to you. 

With a streaming platform you can be assured of the copyright of your material, whilst also being able to decide which content is free to view and which is limited to specific clients by access codes, pay per view, etc.


If you choose to post your content on a portal such as Youtube, you have no control whatsoever over the publicity which appears on your videos and the format it takes, since that’s a decision taken entirely by the portal itself. Apart from this, it is them rather than you who can generate advertising revenue from your videos. On the other hand, on a streaming platform, the monetization of your content is much more straightforward since you have complete control over every aspect of your output, from which publicity to include, to its timing, which can be before, during or after the video itself.  

Control and management of your content

With a streaming platform you have the possibility of distributing material to different types of users and categories of clients as well as documenting the content.  This is completely in contrast to portals such as Youtube where you have no control over which users can see the material because everything is completely open to everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about streaming platforms and all their benefits, please feel free to contact YUV TV, the most comprehensive and versatile content manager on the market.

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