Engage your audience and generate revenue

Monetizatize your content

With YUV TV you can use a variety of business models. Incorporate an OTT platform into your business model and monetize your content to generate an alternative revenue stream whether it’s direct, linear TV or VOD. 

Choose from the different monetization models available on YUV TV or combine them.


Offer premium content.

Offer access to your platform’s content through fully customisable subscriptions.

  • Create different invoicing intervals (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly).
  • Create different subscription packages depending on access to content.
  • Online payment through the payment gateway built into the platform.
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Pay for what you want to watch


Pay-per-transaction services allow a one-off payment for viewing content, whether on-demand, streaming or live. 

  • Allows full or time-based access. 
  • Offer premium content with specific access for all users and amplify your audience.
  • Online payment through online ticketing built into the platform.


Add  advertising to your video 

Distribute your content for free and monetise it with ad placements. Choose how, when and whom to show your content, plan your advertising strategies and expand your audience while generating revenue.

Plataforma OTT - YUV TV


With YUV TV you can combine different business models.

You choose how you want to monetise and get the most out of your OTT platform.


All content payments will be made throught Stripe, Paypal or in-App Purchase. 

Plataforma OTT - YUV TV
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End to end platform bring enterprise- grade support to new & growing OTT services. 

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Why choose YUV TV?

The definitive OTT platform to distribute and monetize your content | YUV TV

Everything you need to attain success on a single platform. Connect, attract and inspire by using video.

Create your own television | YUV TV

Create your own television

Manage your own network and design custom-made programmes.

Monetize your content | YUV TV

Monetize your content

Market advertising space or on-demand subscriptions.

State-of-the-art technology | YUV TV

State-of-the-art technology

We have the most advanced and user-friendly platform in the sector.

A customised APP | YUV TV

A customised APP

Offer your users a fully personalised App

30 years of experience | YUV TV

30 years of experience

Over 30 years of experience in the audio-visual sector

The most comprehensive 360 | YUV TV

The most comprehensive 360

Vision solution: Streaming, catalogue management, Apps, Marketing, etc.

Create your own programmes, stream or create on-demand content


The definitive OTT platform to distribute and monetize your content | YUV TV

Reach your target audience with messages in video format and generate revenue from your content through advertising.

YUV TV analytics help you to scrutinise audience feedback generated by the videos you post on social media and identify those which have attained higher rates of emotional engagement.

Generate URLs and Iframes for more efficient content management and increase your product sales by launching advertising campaigns through live broadcasts and promotional videos.

Create a unique experience for your users by telling the story of your brand through video.

Edit, tag and post your content from the same platform in a simple and effective way in order to include it on all your social media.

Request a demo and discover the full potential of our OTT platform.

We offer the most complete integrated all-in-one OTT solution, thereby allowing you to distribute and completely control your content.

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